The Magra Company works on the professional, gardening market since 1990 and offers only the highest quality products. Since the beginning we cooperate with the Syngenta Company (previous names: Sluis&Groot, S&G Sandoz Seeds, Novartis Seeds).

Currently our company distributes vegetable seeds. It also represents the flower division (cutting plants and seeds).
Moreover we are selling bumblebees and entomophages of Syngenta Bioline. In our offer there also can be found other companies’ seeds, as well as the Everris fertilizers, the flowerpots of Teku, Desch, MZ Forma. Soon our offer will be extended to plant protection product.

The company’s name and logo are protected by the Patent Office of RP (Z-415751)




Owner: Maciej Kozłowski
VAT identification number (NIP): 554-100-42-13
Regon: 090384097
The business activity: Local government of Bydgoszcz City no. 14488